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Blaq Thompson

BORN JULY 3 1979 is a singer from COMPTON CA 
BLAQ comes from a singing family his grandfather song with Sam COOK at the age of 13 he begin singing with his family formally known as THE GOSPEL STARLIGHTS and with this group BLAQ at a young age travel pretty much all over from NEW ZEALAND TO AUSTRAILIA also GERMANY as well as FRANCE 
after singing with his family BLAQ join an R/B group know as X2C they were signed to capital record under the management of AL HAYMAN AND WES CROCKETT BLAQ has opened up for such artist as James brown Stevie wonder kC N JO JO he has also song background for EL DEBAGE KC N JO JO he also has open up for the legendary group THE SPINNERS.right now BLAQ Thompson is currently working on his 2nd solo album and expects it to do well BLAQ best describes his singing between R/B NEO SOUL with a little touch of jazz in there somewhere he really looks up to singer such ad Stevie wonder The late Marvin Gaye also the late Luther Vandross present artist such as Tank,Joe,usher, jasmine Sullivan, Chris Brown,donell jones, ledsi,Kelly price, Jamie Foxx, just to name a few